24+Advanced Learning Loans

 24+ Advanced Learning Loan (Notes for Staff and Students)

What is the 24+ Advanced Learning Loan? 


  • A government backed Loan which helps learners aged 24 or over to study a level 3 or 4 course 
  • Students can borrow a minimum of £300 or the maximum of the full cost of the course fees. 
  • Any associated costs (e.g. childcare, travel to Elite Training) are not covered by the Loan.  
  • Household income is not taken into account when applying for a Loan and applicants will not have to undergo a credit check. 
  • Money is paid directly to the College for the course and the College is required to send information about students’ attendance to Student Finance England. 
  • Students’ monthly repayments will be based on their income, not what they borrowed. Payments will not start until the course has finished. 
  • Interest rates are variable and students will pay between RPI and RPI +3% depending on their income. 
  • Students will only start making repayments when their income is more than £404 per week; £1750 per month or £21,000 per year. 
  • If students stop working or reduce their hours of work, the payments will stop and start again when they earn more than £21,000.
    Read more about the 24+ Advanced Learning Loan at www.direct.gov.uk/advancedlearningloans

Who is Eligible for a 24+ Advanced Learning Loan?
Courses- 

  • Level 3 Certificate      Level 3 Diploma    Level 4 Certificate   Level 4 Diploma 
  • Access to HE   AS / A-Levels


You must be 24 or older on the first day of your course.
Nationality or residency status-

  • Be living in the UK on the first day of your course 
  • Have been living in the UK, Channel Islands or Isle of Man for 3 years before starting your course 
  • Be a UK national or have ‘settled status’ (this means there’s no restrictions on how long you can stay) 

You may also qualify if you are:

  • A UK national, or someone with settled status, but you live somewhere else in the EEA 
  • An EU national or a family member of one 
  • A refugee 
  • A migrant worker
  • The child of a Swiss national 
  • The child of a Turkish worker


Steps to applying for the 24+ Advanced Learning Loan

1.. The student will need to take both the application and offer/enrolment form to Elite Training Centre where a “Learning & Funding Information Letter” from the Elite Training/College is produced. This confirms that the student has a place on the course & all the essential information (relating to the course and loan) needed to start their application for a loan
2. The student is then ready to apply for their 24+ Advanced Learning Loan. They will need to collect together: 

  • valid UK passport details with at least 6 months left to run (this is the easiest option if the student has one!) or 
  • original UK birth certificate (not copies) and a downloaded and completed Birth or Adoption Certificate Form from the 24+ Advanced Learning Loan website or
  •  evidence that they are a permanent resident in UK and 
  • valid National Insurance Number

3. Apply on line or download a paper application. Go to:- www.gov.uk/advanced-learning-loans/
4. To complete the application the student will need to post information they cannot supply on line e.g. birth certificate and completed Birth or Adoption Certificate Form and all students will need to post the “Declaration Form” which has to be printed out, signed and sent by post to the Student Finance England
5. Student Finance England will then process the application and send a Loan Offer letter back to the student to say the Loan application has been successful.
6. The student comes to enrol on their course with three documents 

  • The Loan Offer Letter from Student Finance England (If you have already started the   course please ensure that you send the Offer Letter to Elite Training and 
  • The Learning & Funding Information Letter from the Elite Training/College and
  • The completed College/Elite Enrolment Form

7. Student enrols on the course with the above documentation and signs their Learner Agreement papers.
If you have any questions about whether a 24+ Loan is right for you please contact The Money Advice Service via moneyadviceservice.org.uk or 0300 500 5000
Support sessions to help you apply for a loan are now available at Elite Training Centre. Please call or email (info@eliteassessing.co.uk) the Elite Team to find out about the Centre nearer to you or to book your slot in advance by popping in or calling 01942 866462.

Please remember to bring all the documents listed in Step 2 above if you attend one of our support sessions.