AAT Level 1 Award in Accounting (QCF)

AAT Level 1 Award in Accounting (QCF)

AAT Level 1

Course Overview

Subject matter

This short, introductory course teaches beginners the essential skills required in accounting. The modules within the AAT Level 1 online course focus on the fundamentals needed by a trainee or junior-level accountant, such as accountancy-based mathematic procedures, essential accounting terminology and the ethics of working within the financial sector.

Please note classroom delivery is done in the centre; Elite Training Assessing & Development CIC. The study is done at a steady pace with specific study times, face to face with expert and experienced tutors. You will be assigned a personal tutor who will support you throughout the course.


Outline of the course

The AAT Level 1 Access course is made up of 4 skills and knowledge units, all of which are of equal value:

Accounting in a professional environment: Learn the basic legal frameworks and working practices that enhance efficiency and ethical behaviour in the professional world.

Creating business documents: Recognise why certain business documents are used for specific accountancy functions.

Essential accounting procedure: Learn basic terminology, coding and batch control as well as the preparation of documents for receipts, payments and profit statements.

Mathematics for accounting:  Understand the standard procedures and methods used to handle money and work with numbers on a professional level.

Who it is for

AAT Access Level 1 Course is aimed at learners:

  • Aged 16+
  • With little or no related experience looking to change career —
  • Who wish to improve business confidence and knowledge of finance

Course Structure


Study plan

The beauty of AAT courses is that students are able to choose their own study plans and lengths – how you complete Level 1 AAT online course really is up to you. On average, AAT Level 1 Course takes AAT Access Level 1 Course is aimed at learners:

  • 75 hours of study to complete
  • 6 months to complete when on a distance learning course —
  • 3 months to complete when on a full-time, classroom course

Course Assessment


Your assessment for each online AAT Level will be assessed using formative short and weekly practice tests. There is a final exam, assessed via CBA’s (Computer-Based Assessment).


AAT Level 1 consists of 1 formal CBA (Computer Based Assessment) which is sat at Elite Training Centre or an external test centre.



Next Steps

Further courses

Completing the online AAT Access Level 1 course will enable you to progress your studies to AAT Level 2 and take the next steps towards a successful career in accounting.

Career paths

As the first stage of the full AAT Accounting Qualification, AAT Level 1 can help you:

  • —Improve your employability
  • —Continue onto further qualifications
  • —Equip you with the necessary skills for an entry-level role in accounting

Upon successful completion of the course you will be able to apply for roles such as:

  • —Clerical Assistant
  • —Junior Administrator
  • —Cashier

Career Progression

Learn the different career options on completing online AAT Level 1 course with online AAT Qualification Guide.

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