Level 3 Award in Education and Training

"I can't say enough how kind and thoughtful the team at Elite Training have been with me during my course. Right from the first enquiry regarding my course I was put at ease with their friendly and caring manner.

A change of career was forced on me due to health problems. After 30 years in the same job the thought of change was very scary to me. In my chosen career I knew I would have to take new vocational examinations. I have never been academic before in my life and I knew it would be my biggest challenge. However, with the skill, kindness and understanding of Mark Rollins and Polly working with me I achieved my goals and have moved to my new profession without difficulty. Their understanding of my previous position where I had to go away from home was fantastic as it allowed me a flexible study schedule which made the training even possible."

Carl Mckenzie


“I first came in contact with Elite Training when searching for a recognized provider of the Award in Education and Training. I was pleased to be able to undertake the course with them as I have found them to be professional, highly competent and able to provide effective learning.  The staff are well-trained, with a broad range of skills. They also value customer relationships and are committed to working with a learner to ensure that the required goal is achieved.

When I successfully completed my training, I was asked to join the team at Elite as a Maths tutor.  I felt privileged at the prospect of being part of such a learner-centred organisation.  Needless to say, I accepted the offer immediately and have not regretted my decision.  Working with them for the past year has affirmed the view I had as a learner about the company; they are highly competent and learner focused.  So I am really pleased to be able to make a valuable contribution to the company’s goals.”

Nkaepe Olaniyi


“My experience of using Elite was faultless from beginning to end. It was an enjoyable experience. My assessor was amazing and kept up with my fast pace of work.
I recommend Elite 100%”

Mark Reed


“I very much enjoyed my time on the course and found the variety of students and the fact that they all came from different working backgrounds both interesting and stimulating. Penny was a great tutor, and found time not only to teach, but to clearly explain the rationale behind the lessons. As someone who has been involved in a non-formal training environment for almost twenty years, I learned many activities that will make me a better trainer in future.”

Raymond Ames

"The course was straight forward and the tutor provided a good level of support.”

Dean Tiplady

The course was well structured with easy access to course materials, I was impressed with the quick responses with support and feedback from submissions. David and Nkaepe were friendly and supportive teachers that provided a great level of recognition and support throughout the course. It generated my motivation and confidence that allowed me to successfully pass. Overall the service was remarkable. I would recommend Elite Training for its passionate teachers and courses!

Colin Goodman