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 AAT Level 1 and 2 Certificate in Accountancy


The AAT Level 2 Certificate in Accounting covers wide range of the basic accounting and finance courses ranging from basic costing and bookkeeping processing to computerised accounting with SAGE. It is most suitable entry in working in finance as a standalone course for accounting and finance support personnel or for those looking to pursue their careers in high level positions in finance.

Unsure of which level to commence your AAT studies ?

If you hold any relevant qualifications or work experience you could start directly at Level 3. Follow this link and complete the AAT online skill check (link ) then ring us for advice on the best way to approach your AAT studies.

Students would have an opportunity to gain substantial knowledge in including double entry bookkeeping; accounting systems; purchase, sales and general ledgers


The aim of this qualification is to introduce you to basic accounting and finance skills. You will develop your skills in finance administration: double-entry bookkeeping, basic costing principles and purchase, sales and general ledgers.

As a standalone qualification, or as a first step towards the intermediate and advanced levels, it will allow you to move up to further study in accountancy and finance.

For further information on this course, or if you wish to register for this course, do not hesitate to contact us.

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