Education in the 21st Century-eLearning

Instructor led eLearning

However, there is a way to ensure that the advantages of online learning are combined with the ability of educators to actively teach their students, through instructor led eLearning. This makes learning available to even the most remote, and also expands on the dynamism available to classroom led learning []. This method cImage result for smart boardombines both the traditional methods of teaching with the online environment. This ensures that the most up to date resources are used but a teacher is still able to interact with a class on a one to one basis. Whilst still facing some of the problems of traditional learning such as forcing all students to work at the same pace, this method is perhaps the most effective way to encourage student learning. It is easier to adapt using this method, enabling instructors to be more flexible with their approach. This can include both changing their teaching style and also incorporating online resources into the lesson. It is also easier to enforce attendance where an instructor is present, with wholly online leaning resources there is no guarantee that a learner will use them [].

An Alternative

However, instructor led elearning is more expensive and so may not be a viable option for all organisations. In this case an alternative option is to lower the blend of onlineImage result for laptop learning and traditional learning. This means giving a set amount of time for an instructor to be one on one with a student, whilst leaving them to use online resources to complete any work. This method decreases the overall costings as well as the travel costs for both the students and teacher. More of the subject is online and left to the student to work on independently, this ensures that students are able to work at their own pace. The sessions with the teacher, will be pre-determined progress report meetings where a student can show how far they have got. With the advancement of technology, students can easily contact the teacher through email to ask for help where appropriate.