Taking on an Apprentice or having one of your existing staff become an Apprentice can be highly beneficial to your business. An Apprentice is usually someone aged 16-24, however Adult Apprenticeships are now becoming increasingly popular. Funding is available for this highly regarded programme which usually takes between 18-24 months to complete at Intermediate level. With a qualified Apprentice you will get someone who has the practical skills and knowledge to work effectively, who has demonstrated a commitment to professional development, and someone who sees themselves in a career rather than ‘just a job’.

For more information about Apprenticeships, contact Elite Training: 01942 866462 or email: info@eliteassessing.co.uk

Customised Training/Bespoke Courses.

What many employers don’t realise is that Elite is able to design and deliver training tailored to an individual organisation’s needs.

This training can be accredited or unaccredited, delivered at Elite Centre or in the workplace, at flexible times, and through different delivery styles.

The Centre not only has experienced staff with a proven track record, but also a wide range of partners and associates who are able to deliver bespoke, relevant and cost effective training for your employees.

A Consultant or Curriculum Manager will discuss your requirements face to face. They will then present you with a training proposal which will clearly identify a training solution for you, how this will be delivered, and what costs are involved. Throughout the training we will review the training with you to ensure it is meeting your requirements and making a real impact on your business.

Recruiting your Workforce

The Elite Centre is committed to getting unemployed North West residents into jobs by providing them with work skills and vocationally specific training which employers demand from their workforce.

The training provided is delivered as industry specific programmes lasting usually from one to four weeks in length and are packaged as Gateway to Work.  Elite endeavours to deliver Gateway to Work in Retail, Health & Social Care, Administration, Customer Service, Warehousing, Contact Centre, Volunteering, Self- Employment, although the list is not exhaustive and as our end result is to help local residents find employment.

We will forge working partnership with local employers such as Tesco, ASDA, NHS, employment agencies, Job Centre Plus, Housing Associations, Hotels, Healthcare to provide Gateway to Work tailored to the requirements of their business. These employers will help to design, deliver, and approve the Gateway. We will work with all our partners and local employers in ensuring that learners successfully completing the Gateway will have to be guaranteed a job interview and ensure that a high percentage are being taken on.

The “Gateway” content varies dependent upon your industry and organisational needs but could include:

  • Nationally recognised qualifications such as: CIEH Health Safety, CIEH Manual Handling, Food Safety, Customer Service, CSCS card
  • Industry specific qualifications such as: Fork Lift Truck Driving Licence (FLT), First Aid, Portable Appliance, Testing (PAT), Food Hygiene Certificate
  • Work skills that will be of benefit to your organisation such as: team building, communication techniques, motivation and work ethics