OTTL Qualifications

Level 4 Award in Observation of Teaching, Training and Learning

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Qualification Purpose

This qualification OTTL has been developed for qualified and experienced teachers who do, or will, undertake formal observations of colleagues delivering teaching or training sessions. The qualification will develop skills and knowledge in undertaking teaching, training and learning session observations and post observation feedback processes. Individuals who already have observation experience will still benefit considerably from completion of this course and the achievement of the qualification because it provides recognition of their skills.

Entry Requirements

  • Learners must be qualified and experienced teachers. It is essential that learners have good English language skills and are expected to have good written and verbal English e.g. at or above GCSE Grade C, a good understanding of teaching and learning skills, and how learning takes place. It is also essential that learners have a good understanding of:
  • learning activity planning
  • formative assessment
  • teaching and training delivery methods
  • how learners learn
  • differentiation
  • the active promotion of equality and diversity in learning contexts
  • learning session and behaviour management
  • general (not vocationally specific) health and safety and hygiene issues applicable to learning situations.

The cost for this Level 4 course is £499

The qualification is suitable for learners of 19 years of age and above

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